Hare Street Uniting Church

Wendy and her daughter Debbie were able to go to the Pentecost service at the Pantheon in Rome. Petals are shovelled! in through the occulus, which is nearly 30 feet wide, at one point in the service.

Pastor David at Easter Service

The empty cross of Easter morning.

Good Friday service will start at 10.00 am, with singing led by GPdI Filadelphia. Andrew will preach a short sermon and then we  will do the liturgy for Good Friday with the stones and cross. Hot cross buns to follow.

Easter Sunday service will be at 3.00pm. It will be led by Pastor Ruth and her team, with Indonesian meal to follow.
Guest preacher on Easter Day will be Ps. David Handojo, who is a GPdI pastor in Perth.

Welcome to GPdI Filadelfia!

On February 14 we began exploring a covenant for life together in this place. Welcome to Pastor Ruth, and all our sisters and brothers.

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ABC Religion News

'Buddhist and pacifist' begged alleged home invader not to harm his cat, court hears

- - 19-11-2019

The Canberra man tells the court that, until the alleged invasion, he had not noticed that a woman in a toga had been in his bedroom for three days.

Xinjiang says leak on Uyghur Muslim detention camps is 'fake news'

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The government of China's far western region of Xinjiang says a report in the New York Times that includes 400 pages of leaked internal documents on the internment of Uyghur Muslims is "fabricated".

Iran shuts down internet as fuel protests spread across country

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The Government shut down internet access across the nation of 80 million people to staunch demonstrations that took place in a reported 100 cities and towns.

Live: NSW Now: Rainfall helps firefighters, Folau says bushfires are God's punishment

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MORNING BRIEFING: The weekend brought some relief for firefighters who are trying to prepare for worsening conditions later this week, while sacked Wallabies player Israel Folau suggests the bushfires and drought are retribution for the legalisation of same-sex marriage and abortion.

Sri Lanka's deciding on a new president after devastating terror attacks

- - 16-11-2019 Sri Lanka is voting for a new President. Whoever takes the top job will have to revive an already stagnant economy which has been battered further by a decline in tourism following deadly terror attacks in April.

Notre Dame rebuild leader tells chief architect to 'shut his mouth'

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Will Notre Dame's spire take on a modern twist when it is rebuilt? The French army general in charge of the project tells the strict classicist chief architect to "shut his mouth" as tempers flare.


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Successors, coups, and a tainted heir

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What Australians think about faith, the Leipzig effect, and obeying our own creations

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The ethical questions surrounding al-Baghdadi's death

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A split in the Anglican church and Philip Ruddock discusses his religious freedom review

- - 23-10-2019 It’s 500 years old, it’s led by a Queen, and it’s got  80 million followers. But is the once-mighty Anglican Church on the verge of a split? And does the blame lie in Australia? And the former attorney-general Philip Ruddock on how to juggle the demands of religious leaders in an increasingly secular Australia.

Plots, betrayals and an explosive new book

- - 16-10-2019 Andrew West was in Rome recently where stories are swirling around the Vatican of a looming schism within the Catholic Church. Pope Francis is under renewed pressure from ultra conservatives for simply thinking aloud about ordaining a small number of married men to serve as priests in the remote Amazon region. But that issue is window dressing for a deeper tension, which is exposed in a new book that the Pope himself has likened to a ticking bomb.

Politics, Christianity, and loving your neighbour

- - 09-10-2019 Today we discuss the ups and downs of a relationship - but it’s not a story of friends and lovers or parents and children – but it’s almost as old. We explore the relationship between Christianity and democracy.

The Pope's controversial Amazon synod and breaking the Pell story

- - 02-10-2019 Pope Francis has called the Amazon the earth’s lungs. So what can we expect from this week's Amazon Synod? And, a new book reveals the battle waged by the 'Prince of the Church' or Cardinal George Pell as he fought to clear his name. Also, this week marks the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi - so are his teachings still relevant in the 21st century?