Hare Street Uniting Church

Wendy and her daughter Debbie were able to go to the Pentecost service at the Pantheon in Rome. Petals are shovelled! in through the occulus, which is nearly 30 feet wide, at one point in the service.

Pastor David at Easter Service

The empty cross of Easter morning.

Good Friday service will start at 10.00 am, with singing led by GPdI Filadelphia. Andrew will preach a short sermon and then we  will do the liturgy for Good Friday with the stones and cross. Hot cross buns to follow.

Easter Sunday service will be at 3.00pm. It will be led by Pastor Ruth and her team, with Indonesian meal to follow.
Guest preacher on Easter Day will be Ps. David Handojo, who is a GPdI pastor in Perth.

Welcome to GPdI Filadelfia!

On February 14 we began exploring a covenant for life together in this place. Welcome to Pastor Ruth, and all our sisters and brothers.

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A place where we try to live the life lessons of
Jesus of Nazareth

with food
Sausages on the barbecue

and new friends
and love
Woman preparing communion
Join us
Church Building
Hare St. UCA 10.30am 
Liberty Baptist 12.00pm
GPdI Filadelfia 3.00pm


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