Hare Street Uniting Church

Wendy and her daughter Debbie were able to go to the Pentecost service at the Pantheon in Rome. Petals are shovelled! in through the occulus, which is nearly 30 feet wide, at one point in the service.

Pastor David at Easter Service

The empty cross of Easter morning.

Good Friday service will start at 10.00 am, with singing led by GPdI Filadelphia. Andrew will preach a short sermon and then we  will do the liturgy for Good Friday with the stones and cross. Hot cross buns to follow.

Easter Sunday service will be at 3.00pm. It will be led by Pastor Ruth and her team, with Indonesian meal to follow.
Guest preacher on Easter Day will be Ps. David Handojo, who is a GPdI pastor in Perth.

Welcome to GPdI Filadelfia!

On February 14 we began exploring a covenant for life together in this place. Welcome to Pastor Ruth, and all our sisters and brothers.

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ABC Religion News

Men disguised as hunters kill at least 134 Muslim farmers in Mali

- - 24-03-2019

Pregnant women, children and the elderly were killed in one of the deadliest attacks of of its kind in a region reeling from worsening ethnic and jihadist violence.

Abby Stein studied to be a rabbi before she came out as a woman

- - 24-03-2019

Growing up as a boy in an ultra-Orthodox Brooklyn community, Abby Stein had no access to the internet and barely spoke English. It's a world away from the life she's now living as a transgender activist.

Seven changes the Catholic Church must make now

- - 24-03-2019

As a Catholic, the Pell verdict has shocked me deeply but these are the steps forward, writes Francis Sullivan.

'I was a spoiled brat': The girl who led 25 relatives to move to Syria to join Islamic State

- - 23-03-2019

At just 15 years old, Nur Dhania told her family she was going to Syria to live in the caliphate. They quit their jobs and followed her. Then they realised they'd made a huge mistake.

What it's like to work on legal cases against Pell and the Catholic Church

- - 23-03-2019

As the head of a large legal firm's abuse department acting for about 1,000 survivors, Lisa Flynn knows what it's like to work on a challenging case.

A single police officer in the Bias Crime Unit is monitoring hate crime across NSW

- - 22-03-2019

The unit was never properly resourced to deal with hate crime, according to a lawyer and community advocate, and a NSW Police officer says it would take a significant violent attack before policing hate crime is prioritised.


ABC Religion and Ethics Report

Angry language, religion and violence

- - 20-03-2019 Can we still talk about religion, identity, immigration, extremism – without it ending in bloodshed? And, the massive attempt by churches and other faiths to recognise the scale of the Christchurch tragedy. Also, the Israeli human rights lawyer who had a racist candidate thrown off the ballot for next month’s Israel elections.

Wrestling with George Pell's legacy

- - 13-03-2019 George Pell goes from cardinal to convict -- jailed for the sexual abuse of two choirboys in the 1990s. We look at how he came to dominate the Australian Catholic church and his legacy today. Also, how tribalism – religious, political and cultural – sets citizen against citizen and how we can repair the division.

International Women's Day and western assumptions

- - 06-03-2019 This week Kumi Taguchi hosts a special edition of the Religion and Ethics Report. She asks Noha Aboueldahab if Movements like these fail to account for the diverse grievances, needs, and expectations of women in various contexts. Also, how are the ripples of the Me Too and Nuns Too movements being felt by women religious in Australia? And, how you can hold the church in the palm of your hand.

The fallout from the George Pell saga

- - 27-02-2019 Cardinal George Pell has been convicted on five counts of child sexual abuse. A psychologist who advised the royal commission into institutional sex abuse will explain the impact the verdict is having on the broader community. And, the brave priest who first warned the Catholic church about the abuse crisis – 35 years ago says the Pell conviction must trigger a radical shift in power across the Catholic world. Also, the Islamic State group is defeated on the ground but will its ideology survive?

A just war, the 'closet' in the Vatican and a historic child sex-abuse summit

- - 20-02-2019 Two major events have rocked the Vatican - the defrocking of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick for sexual offences, and the bombshell book claiming 80 per cent of clergy who work in the Vatican are gay. Also, could robots be programmed to fight wars according to a moral code? And what do reform-minded Catholics in the pews expect from this week’s Vatican summit on sexual abuse?

An emergency sex-abuse summit, why Donald Trump’s election was an act of divine providence, and why ex-evangelicals have united under the label “ex-vangelicals”

- - 13-02-2019 Pope Francis will host a sex abuse prevention summit next week - but will the summit deliver? Also, the late Billy Graham was the most prominent preacher of the 20th century, speaking directly to an estimated 200 million people during his life. But is his evangelist son Franklin Graham more politician than preacher – cheering on Donald Trump and his views on immigration and Islam? And what exactly does “ex-vangelicals”mean?

Banks, greed and profit, a landmark papal visit, and Northern Ireland’s Brexit dilemma

- - 06-02-2019 When does reasonable profit turn into greed? That’s one of the big ethical challenges revealed by the banking royal commission. And if the UK crashes out of the European Union seven weeks from now, the boom gates will go back up along the border between Northern Ireland and the Irish republic. But could the sectarian violence – Catholic versus Protestant – that scarred Northern Ireland for 30 years also return? Also, are autocratic governments in the Arabian Gulf using this week’s papal visit to Abu Dhabi to mask their poor human rights records?